Anchor1. Where are the RRPC’s Claims Located?

All of the claims, 273, are located in areas known for being rich in placer gold. Many desert claims, good for dry-washing, crevicing, and metal detecting, are located in each of the following areas: Morristown (Little San Domingo), Vulture Mine, Wickenburg, Rich Hill, Quartzsite, and Hayden areas. There are also many high-altitude claims located on some of the best gold-producing creeks in Arizona, including Turkey, Wolf, Copper Basin, Hassayampa, and Black Canyon; which are good for dredging and high-banking when water is available.

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Anchor2. How do I find the RRPC’s claims to go prospecting? 

When you sign up and become a member, you will be provided a Map Packet. Your map packet will have all the Plans of Operation (USFS and BLM), Dredge Permits, Club Rules, Member Badge(s), and Maps of our claims.

Our maps are Topo maps (black & white) with roads, trails, and other landmarks to help you find your way to the claim. (Finding the GOLD is up to you.) Along with the maps are other pages called Claim Names and Topo Map Reference Numbers. Due to the fact that many of our claims are in the same area, some maps list more than one claim. This reference page will assist you in understanding the map. The reference page also has information like General Driving Directions; Roads Information; Type of Vehicle Recommendation, such as 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive only, etc.;  Best Methods of Finding Gold on the Claim (detecting, dry-washing, and dredging); Camping Information and Altitude.

You will also have access to our 3 map files.  A  KMZ overlay file
for Google Earth, a GPX file for Garmin and other GPS devices, and a file of all claim coordinates.

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Anchor3. Can I check out the RRPC before joining?

We would love to have you drop by and visit with us at one of our outings or meetings. You can get an idea of what the club is all about from mixing with the members as they prospector at the monthly meeting.

If you would like to attend one of our monthly outings, simply contact the club office. (Contact Us) The outings are usually held on the Saturday following the monthly general meeting, on one of our claims, and vary according to the weather and time of year. We like to go to our higher elevation claims during the summer and then to our lower Sonoran desert claims in the winter. Just ask when and where the next outing will be held. You are more than welcome to join us.

If you would like to attend one of our general meetings, listen to our guest speaker, and see the club transact its monthly business, we would love to have you stop by. Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the Sun City West Foundation located at 14465 R H Johnson Blvd, Sun City West, AZ 88375. Please don’t be shy and feel free to visit with our members. They are a wealth of information. 

Our September General Meeting and Picnic is at 8AM September 23rd at the Mayer Recreational Center 1001 Wicks Ave, Mayer, AZ 86333

There is no meeting in December – Merry Christmas.

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Anchor4. How much does membership cost?

The RRPC makes the payment of dues as easy as possible for its members.

When you join the RRPC, you have two payment options:

  • The payment of your entire membership can be made in one lump sum of $2,000. This gives you lifetime status, and no further dues payments are made for the rest of your life. (However, a Federal Mining Charge (FMC) and an Operations Support Fee (OPS) are still required.)
  • A second option allows members to pay by the year. Most of our club members utilize this option. Regardless of what month you join, the first year you would pay dues for a full calendar year. The portion of the first year you became a member will then be prorated in the second year of your membership. Upon initial payment, you are then issued a yearly membership badge decal to identify you on the claims and at the club functions.

The initial, minimum cost to join the club is $340.00; $12 initiation fee, $240 yearly dues, $50 Operations Support Fee (OPS), and a $38 Federal Mining Charge (FMC). Your second year will be the prorated dues of the year you initially joined plus the Operations Support Fee of $50 and the Federal Mining Charge of $38. The total dues for the following years thereafter will be $328 ($240 dues plus $50 Operations Support Fee and the $38 Federal Ming Charge).

Now here is the really good part! You pay NO INTEREST on your membership payments. When you have paid a total of $2,000 of dues payments you become a lifetime member and make no further dues payments other than the Federal Mining Charge and the Operations Support Fee, which will remain due on a yearly basis. You can pay more towards your lifetime membership status when you have extra money or just the yearly figure. You only have to remain current in your payments toward your final payoff date to enjoy all the benefits of belonging to RRPC.

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Anchor5. Are my spouse and/or children included in my membership?

Of course, we want you to participate in this fun activity with your loved ones. Your membership automatically entitles you to bring along your spouse, and any children under 21 years old. We have many special activities arranged for the youngsters, plus those they seem to create on the spur of the moment, by themselves. Rest assured, it will be difficult to tell whether you or your spouse is more excited when you find a pocket of pay dirt.

There are sometimes friendly competitions between the sexes at our outings, and some events are oriented towards fun activities focused on the couples in the club. Also, don’t think for a moment that you won’t have anyone to do a little prospecting with.

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Anchor6. Can I sell or transfer my membership?

All memberships in the Roadrunner Prospectors’ Club are issued for the exclusive use of the member-of-record for all of their natural lives. When that member has paid into the club an amount that brings them to Lifetime status, their RRPC’s privileges and benefits will extend to the legal spouse; and if the spouse survives the member, the legal spouse inherits the active membership for all of their natural lives. When the spouse dies, the membership becomes null and void.

No RRPC memberships purchased today are transferable to another party.

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Anchor7. Can I use any of the claims at any time?

Most claims are open year-round. However, due to State and Federal regulations, some claims have usage restrictions. These limitations are listed in the Map Packet on the Claim Restriction Grid. Due to the drought conditions in Arizona, several of the National Forests may be closed during times of extreme fire danger.

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Anchor8. Can I take guests with me to the RRPC claims?

Guests are welcome on the RRPC’s claims. Members are allowed to bring a guest(s) to any club’s function, or to the RRPC’s claims, as long as the member assumes total responsibility for any applicable fees and the actions of their guest(s). A member with guest(s) shall use one (1) piece of motorized, mechanical, or electronic equipment on club claims. Guests are limited to a total of three (3) days of prospecting on RRPC claims; after that, the guests must join the Club to continue prospecting our claims.

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