There are several names for this: Reclamation, Mitigation, Conservancy, Stewardship... but no matter what you call it, it all comes down to taking care of the land we use.

The Roadrunner Prospectors' Club prides itself on being good stewards of the land. We reward our members for repairing problems as they find them by entering them into a monthly raffle for a gold nugget. For larger issues we organize reclamation events where a large group of members come together to address all the problems with the claim.

This page was created to highlight those events. As the website grows, so will this page, so keep coming back to see the latest updates!

Map 8 Reclamation Event

Several club rules were violated by a former member, and it took an entire team the day to repair the damage. There were several holes, but you can tell the size of the large hole by the members standing in it. A lot of dirt was moved that day and at the end you couldn't even tell the hole was there.

Note how close this prospector came to the trees, exposing their root system. Do not do this!! Not only will your membership be revoked, but the club could face serious fines that could result in us losing our claims! If you have any questions please contact the club for clarification of the rules.




Map 26 Trash Cleanup Event

Part of being a Roadrunner is being a good steward of the land, so when it was reported to the club office that there was an abandoned homeless camp on Map 26 (on BLM land) we organized a party to clean it up. To make matters worse the recent floods had spread all the trash and debris everywhere.

VP Roman, and Director Glenn led a group of volunteers that scoured the claims and cleaned up every bit of trash.

Remember that if you see something that you can take care of, like an unfilled hole, or trash.... take a photo of it before and after your fix the damage. You will be entered into our monthly VIP drawing for a chance to win a gold nugget.

If you see something bigger that will require more hands to repair, then call or e-mail the club office to let us know.

The Cleanup Crew